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A week in the life of a missionary-- Feb 4, 2020

Grüezi family and friends! I thought I'd send an email out, journal style. A week in the life of a missionary. I don't know how long it'll be, because a lot happens in one week. I'll try to just post the highlights and a few of the miracles.


Life is about learning how to dance in the rain.... we are getting pretty close... we ran in it. After having the best comp study ever (studying "why 1820" by Hyrum Smith) we headed out into the stormy Basel stadt. While we were unterwegs we started talking to a lady on the bus who had met the sisters before but thought we were Jehova's Witnesses. We told her we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ... and before we could finish she responded "...of Latter Day Saints, ja ja i know the Mormonen!" We went by on some ladies who were on the member list but who we'd never met before. Veronica was a sweet lady from England who had moved here with her husband when she was younger. After we got past the initial resistance to talk, we had an amazing conversation with her about her life/experiences and she invited us to come back in a few weeks! Sister Bergmin Ophilla is a lovely frau! She taught us German as we spoke to her, which is actually very helpful, and she has a beautiful relationship with Christ. We are trying to help bring the sacrament to her house.


What a miracle day! We had a wonderful lesson with Véronique, who is a neu bekehrt, and we are preparing her for the temple! Es ist einfach schön das wir ihr helfen können! Schwester Brita Kreißig is a wonderful woman who has a lot of great stories. She was on our Mitglieder list but never came to church when we were in Pratteln and we've just been meeting with her and talking about the "Come, Follow Me" program since we've been back in Basel. She's a wonderful person.


Zone Konferenz baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Switzerland is my family. I've loved SO MUCH my five months here!!!!! Actually, Freitag was my six month mark. Woah. But yeah Zone Konf. Was honestly so inspiring. Also follow our Instagram @alpine.mission !!! Seriously such good ideas and such a strong spirit.

On the way home from zone conference, after being touched by the words said and the feelings felt, a miracle happened! We couldn't find any seats and so the Distrikt sat down on the floor of the train. Haha! I, however, had been lucky enough to find a seat. I noticed the man across from me and that he noticed the Missionaries. I asked him where he was from and he responded by telling me that I was from Utah. He already knew. Don't you just love that?! As we were discussing the name of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" he asked what our "other name" was, to which the man sitting next to me said, "Mormonen." #thankyouZürich #thankyouBookofMormonmusical. We started to talk a little bit about why we call ourselves the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and what the "Latter-day" part means. **reference to the talk above #why1820. One thing lead to another and we ended up talking the entire train ride from Zürich to Basel. We talked about Wahrheit (truth) and how we can find it and what it is and who Jesus Christ is. Not only was it a beautiful experience, but God showed me that he can work through me. As little as we feel we are, God can always use our strengths and our abilities to help others. Und es stimmt vice versa no matter how prepared we are to do what ever work we have to do, without God we will not reach our prime. We have potential, divine potential that is unimaginable and we can become our greatest selves because of he who has overcome everything. Because of Christ we can reach our ultimate potentials.

We came back home and started answering all our texts messages from the day. Vivianne, our lovely friend, sent us a voice recording telling us a cool experience that someone had answered her prayer when she was working. This person came to pay and said something along the lines of, "i just feel like I should tell you that God loves you and that you should just pray and that will help you grow closer to him." So she basically did our jobs for us lol. But it is so sososoos true that God works through us!!!! God loves people through us... he talks to people through us... WE ARE HIS HANDS. So yeah that was a miracle in and of itself because she really needed that boost. God is aware of all of us individually. God's love is so powerful.


Wir machen sport am Samstag! We woke up singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood. Did some study before sport and went to go meet our friends of the church and Mitglieder at the court. I'm getting pretty good at bball y'all... 📷. Our friend, Frank, texted us and apologized for not bring in touch. He told us he really wants to meet and speak about God and Jesus Christ. That made my day. We'd been meeting with him a lot amd then he just never answered for a week or two. We were going to go by on members in Einmeldingun but went finding in Basel spontan because our Friend Lucienne called and asked to meet. So we went to Basel and talked with a few really great people. My absolute favorite thing about my mission is talking about Christ, testifying of Christ, thinking of Christ, learning about Christ, becoming closer to Christ, living like Christ, becoming like Christ. I love Christ. We had a beautiful talk with our beautiful friend Lucienne. She asked when I'd be leaving and we both started to cry when I said probably 4 weeks. Transfers have always been great for me because I've always stayed in Basel, but now I'll probably leave (or at least that's what everyone keeps saying). But I still got time left sooooo I'm just going to enjoy every moment here in beautiful basel. With beautiful Lucienne. If there is one thing I could teach anyone... it would be their WORTH. "The worth of souls is great in the sight of God." D&C 18:10

God loves us so much. We have heavenly parents in Heaven who love us so much. We were given a Savior as a gift. Jesus Christ makes us stronger and makes all things possible. Because of him, our best is enough.


Lucienne came to Chruch!!!!!!!!!!! She told us that last night she prayed and did what we told her and wanted to see if what we promised her would happen... and right after her pray she heard the doorbell and boom lol there were the elders. Bless their souls they had the feeling to go by on her and see if she needed help with moving. She felt like that was God talking to her and telling her that it is ok to take the first step. That's not all. When she came to church she had many questions answered and she enjoyed it very much. She told us that inbetween hours she went out to take a cigarette and when she lit it she thought eww that isn't good at all and threw it away. She could tell the difference between lasting joy and the short lived happiness that fades seconds after. I'm so proud of Lucienne. She's come so far and she has made the decision to take steps to believe on Christ and his power. Pray for Lucienne!!After church we did lots and lots of finding. Lots of rejection and lots of moments walking hand in hand with Christ. One conversation was really cool. I past these two men on the bridge and didn't think much of it. The thought came to my mind that "every single person needs the gospel", not really recognizing it as the spirit, it hit me a little harder one more time and I thought, "do not just pass those two men." Sooo umm I said ja ok and my comp and I went back and started to talk with them. It turns out that they were both going through a very big faith crisis and one felt suicidal. We were able to give them a little hope and provide a little bit more insight to their questions. After we basically said our goodbyes, the man turned to us and said, "Can we say a pray right now?" It was a nice witness that God is aware of us and he wants to show us that he loves us. A lot of the time God is just waiting for us to reach out and ask.

The sweetest thing happened on Sunday night!!!! One of our friends, Frank, called to schedule an appointment. I've been with frank since my second transfer when we texted him and scheduled the first appointment he'd had with the missionaries for a few months. It's been a journey with him and i've been able to see the hope of Christ change his life. Really changed. He ended up thanking us for the influence we've brought into his life. It was extremely sweet and really made me tear up and made my heart so happy. Jesus Christ changes lives.


So boom Distrikt Meeting happened and then we were on our way to Fabiola. She is a member and is absolutely precious. Had a great talk with her and her son, Mateo, who wants to be baptized! After, our friend Frank was able to come to her house for a lesson. It was seriously an amazing lesson. Woah. Frank is sooo wonderful and I seriously believe I came to Basel for him. It's a really cool feeling. I love being apart of someone's growth and life. It's a great feeling. Frank brought up baptism during our lesson and we had a really awesome discussion about what it means to be baptized and how we prepare for it. I've been able to see Frank's life change slowly but steadily as he's come closer to Christ. Once again, Christ changes lives. We then went by on a bunch of members and saw some friends we've come to know on the street. It's beautiful to notice everyone's desire for happiness that stays and everyone's interest in truth.

I love missionary work because everything has such great eternal importance. Indescribable but beautiful.


Sister Smith

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