• Bailey Smith

Basel Switzerland Baby Sept. 17, 2019

I'm in Die Schweiz! Viel ist passiert... it's crazy that i was in the mtc a week ago. It's true... the days are weeks and the weeks are days. The learning is endless... i love it. Speaking of learning...

 While i'm learning deutsch, i mostly hear swiss deutsch... haha! Very different. Seeing miracles... walking away from conversations not understanding the words but knowing what was said. Miracles. 

Working hard to share Christ's light. Wearing Christ's name and sharing his gospel are the best things i've ever been blessed to do. God is in the details and his love is shining down. I feel the blessings from all of your prayers, thank you! 

God bless!!

Giving you all my love! 

Prayers always,

Sister Smith 

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