• Bailey Smith

Grüß Euch! I LOVE YOU!

Transfer calls came and Sister Stettler and I are staying in the beautiful land of Neumarkt, Austria. I'm really happy to be here in Neumarkt. It's not only unbelievably beautiful but my companion is the smartest funnest human and the people around me fill my heart with joy. One day we were taking out our trash and low and behold there was a ding and a dong and a ching and a chang and a bing and a you get the picture. It was an orchestra. So we tiptoed over to where they were practicing and saw a lovely woman and asked her what was going on. She told us that there was a free concert on the weekend. Fast forward three days later and there we are listening to a German Frau sing let it go to a booming orchestra! It was beautiful. And God thought it was a splendid opportunity for us to run into our favorite member. All around blessings.  It's quite humbling to be on a mission.  I unfortunately have no time. Today for p day we went to a waterfall and it was beautiful. We got to see some beautiful sisters from Salzburg who paid a visit to Neumark.  I felt like some of you might want my address(to the mission home) and so I'm adding this down below!  More stories and pictures to come next week!  Liebe Grüße, Sister Smith  Lommelstraße 7 81479 München Germany

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