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Grateful! October 1, 2019

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Another wonderful letter from Bailey as I try to summarize her letter to us today! I guess we all know who is her favorite. She started with Benson :)

Miss benson so much. every time i see someones little brother i want to hug them! I love you all so much. Thankful to have you as parents. I'm so grateful for you and dad and for the support you give me so willingly and excitedly. Best. Parents. I reminisce on the good memories of childhood and especially as fall approaches I'm always caught up in the gratitude i have for our family. All my brothers have my heart. They are so awesome. Tell them i love them and miss them and love thinking bout the memories of us together. Life would not be as happy without them. 

She and her companion, Sister Hamilton, are talking to people and looking for those who are searching for life's meaning. On that subject she said, I'm trying to get lost in the service of others. I find when i do that i find a lot more joy and my problems seem to go away. Still trying to have charity and Christ's love and trying to see the tender mercies throughout the hard work of getting rejected on the streets. Haha But seriously walking as the savior did is the best thing i've ever been able to do. Hard and humbling for sure.

My personal favorite nugget of Bailey inspiration in this weeks letter: Repentance is simply learning how to become better by turning to the savior more quickly. Turning to him sooner and sooner. Trying to be better and better.

She is definitely giving her all and leaving it all out on the court, as they say. Right now I'm trying to rely on Him to know what spiritual gifts i can acquire to become who he needs me to be in his work. Any advice for how i can manage so much to do and be organized? I'm also trying to find joy in the work. Kinda like not just making lemons into lemonade but learning to love lemons. Yeah.. i want to love the work as much as i love the fruits of the work. 

When I asked her about the picture with her friend's name on it she responded. Yes the name tag swap.... very good. Hahah! I've surprisingly wore two missionaries name tags in the 3 weeks i've been here!

And then a special thanks to everyone who has sent her an email! She LOVES those connections! I love having a weekly email because people are so sweet and when they email me it makes me so happy. Also i need prayers! haha. 

Alles gut. 

I love you all so much! 


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