• Bailey Smith

Greetings from Munchen

Servus friends and family! 

Quick update for you all! 

Quarantine has just been a growing stage and I've loved every moment. I've had a few companions.... the lovely Sister Smith, the kindest Sister Sanderson, and now the incredible Sister Hodnett!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people are all gorgeous and I've enjoyed my time serving here in Münchem so far. There are always people to love and I LOVE THEM! 

Let's see.... 

Hans and Glück is a great place for us quarantine missionaries. 

A cute member made us t-shirts! Absolutely amazing. 

This is my favorite water. It is special spring water from the black forest. I'm telling you... it makes a difference the water you drink. 

Always wearing masks in public.... even the snails are wearing them. 

Distrikt rat/district counsil through zoom. 


Sister Smith 

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