• Bailey Smith

Half Way Mark!

I hit my half way mark this week. Was? I'd like to share a few things that I've learned in the last little bit on my mission. •As I give my very best efforts, the Lord will make miracles out them. •God will take into account every decision someone makes and every step someone takes that leads them to change and come closer to Christ. •The most important thing I could teach anyone is who they are and who they can become. •The sacrifice's I've made are completely outweighed compared to the blessings and direction I've received because of them. •I can SEE the good and I can UNCOVER the good in every person, situation, and circumstance I experience. •The Lord cares more about our growth than He does about our comfort. •If we allow Him to, Christ can change us. He can transform us, and mold us into a greater masterpiece than we can even imagine. Keep smiling friends! I know that is what I keep telling myself. Amidst all of the trial, there is always a light. If we will just focus on it, we will see the little distractions can't keep us from feeling Christ's warmth. Only we can.  He is always there. Ganz liebe Grüsse, Sister Smith

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