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Last p day was quiet a busy day! We went to the church and did emails and i called calvin! And we did family history. Then we got a call about zone p day. It is new that we can all get together as a zone so we were excited. We were tood to meet by mirabel garten from the sound of music track. We took a bus all the way to the top of geisberg. People were flying off of it. I could see Wallersee from the mountain (by my house) it was all around beautiful. Then we came off the mountain and as we were learning persian, i said "salam!" And sure you know it, 3 persians come walkimg by and they do the 10 step hello greeting with the persian elders. Haha! Turns out Elder Olsen has already taught one of the guys. We went and got these hot dog things. That was the first time in a long time ive eaten meat. The lady was cute who gave them out! In salzburg there is a mountain in tye city with a castel on top. So we walked up the other side of the mountain, this is the other lookout point, and saw another gorgeous view. On the way back the sisters ran into one of their friends so that was fun! Mom you were on the phone as we were walking through salzburg. Thats life as a missionary. Just walking and then seeing someone and smiling and talking with random strangers and saying hi to luciano, etc. Its a fun life. And then i talked with mom(:

Mittwoch was awesome. We had zone konferenz. I'll send some of my notes abiut what thry talked about. It was sooooo good.

We walked ti this ladies house, that was reffered to us for garten work. The son answered, he was awesome and we are going to try and help her with the ward. We are leaving but the ward is on it. Wednesday night, our neighbor Lina came by with dinner for us. She is sooooo cute!!!! Her daughter was on her way to italy the next day.

Donnerstag started with a wunder! Miracles! So on mittwoch abend there was a problem getting to sleep because of a flying satan. Mosquito. So I trapped it into a cup and a paper and then threw it out the window because i wanted to make sure it didnt come home. So that morning we went straight down stairs to get the paper,which had chords to the guitar and a container. As we saw the paper and cup, this lady walking in front of us also noticed it and picked it up. We didn't know what to do. "Ummm, excuse me, yeah, good morning, the cuo and paper our ours." I danced around about to run after her, but then she threw it in the trash. So we picked it up from the trash and turned around and saw the trash people right behind us pick up trash. Haha! If we were not exactly where we were it would've been gone. So we decided to take a walk!!!! And as we were walking our neighbor, Rue, came out with her suitcase and was on her way to italien! She is so sweet. So that was also awesome. We just did a lot of planning and contacting this day. We also went by on everyone haha! Emy and hanns we got to see and say hi to! It was hanns b day the other day! He said we are the nicest sisters he has ever met. We are good friends. Mom he wants you to send a video of you playing the piano. We took kt tape and a thank you note signed by all the missionaries to the johannas at the chinese place and she offered us food haha but we had to go. She is so sweet and i need to stay in contact! We went to schw. Schubbernigg an old old lady and it made her day to see us. It was so sweet and she is so lovely. She is young at heart. The sweetest soul. And we sang and she sang mit. So cute. We then went by a few less actives and set up appointment with them! The salzburg sisters will be visiting. And said hi to a member. We called amirali and taught english! I hope he is ready to hear the gospel. We pray every time together. And then we called horst and read in the Book of mormon. It was adorable and he has a great testimony. Two more years of parol and then he can be baptized.


We fixed our hot water, called some peeps, went to this cute Swiss lady and her kids! And we had my favorite time of our week. Sport Abend. All of our favorite people come together and play ping pong and chair soccer. Andy our friend, Harry a WA who is now active,  and the Lerchners! Our favorites!!!! There is just so much joy in moments with these people. I love them so much.

Samstag! Transfer call! We missed 15 calls from ZL's haha! But we were on our way to the train! To go to a baptism. The Persian elders taught him and afterwards I met him out in the hall and his eyes were full of light. He couldn't stop saying Danke. "Thank you thank you for everything you do." I didn't do anything. I was just there and I was just a missionary but he was grateful to God. He felt so happy. And his eyes were literally glowing. After we rode back w the elders and sisters. We contacted everyone to say goodbye. Wrote notes and did Facebook lessons. Just busy day.


We went by in this family before church. Mal schauen. We sang in the Church for both meetings to say goodbye. We went to this cute cute cute family and they made us classic schnitzel. Which I've decided I love. It is truly good. God blessed me so much with so much love for these people and I was so happy to feel love for them. We visited my favorite Frau I've ever met on my mission. Her name is Anne. She is marvellous. She is 96 years old and I love her to death. No pun. She is seriously such an angel and said that she will be my Schütz Engel. So süss!!!!!!!

It tore me up inside to say goodbye and ooh yeah ask about her when we talk. She is amazing. We went to our GML ward mission leader and said bye. And then we went to the Schmidls! They are so awesome.

Montag !

Distrikts rat early I'm Morgen! I went to linz and this district is the craziest distrikts ever. Haha! But it was perfect because it is just them. We got started an hour later and had an amazing spiritual time. It was so very much uplifting and turned into one of my favorite distrikts rats on my mission. I LOVE THESE MISSIONARIES AND THIS MISSION. They are Amaizngngnnfhal!

I just took a break writing this email and danced on a mountain. It is SO beautiful in Austria. I love Austria. So much LOVE. Anyways then we spent the day yesterday visiting Andy and he is SO sweet. I love him. His prayer was "heavenly father it would make me really happy if the sisters could come back to visit and also for example if I could grow closer to my relationship with you and if I could make it back to himmel with you Amen." It was so cute. I'll see him again. Then at night we had the hardest goodbye ever we have FHE with this family every Monday night and I will just miss them so much. I love them. Ask me about them too. But the little lea is SO CUTE and I love her. I might've broke the rules and picked her up and said goodbye. My heart!!!! I love her. Sandra l, lea and Nadine(:

Dienstag! Today! I woke up and had a dream that I came back from my mission and I just wanted to speak German and I asked around and then this man came out and said "Servus möchtest du deutsch sprechen?" But he had a wack accent and it was funny but we spoke German together about what I'm doing off my mission and about family and food. It was hilarious. I woke up and explained the dream to sister Stettler Auf Deutsch. It's cool how our brains can switch languages. We went to Gaisberg. It is beautiful and I want on the edge and danced and lives my best life. Literally so beautiful and fun. All before 8 am in the morning. Now it is 9 and we are headed to Salzburg! We will spend the day there with some missionaries and yeah!

There is my week love you family!! I pray for you and I LOOOOVE YOU!

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