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I'm basically Yoda 8/13/2019

Guten Tag!

So much has happened it's crazy. Who knew you could learn so much in such a short period of time... Let me quickly summarize this beautiful place... I'm loving the cafeteria style food that they have goin' ... don't worry I'm getting my veggies in... they are just drenched in some type of sauce... always. I swear the Lord is 100% involved with his missionaries...otherwise EVERY single one of us would be sick and dying.  I'm exaggerating for effect... they have one thing going though... and that's the chocolate. Enough said.  My district kills me >>> I'm either laughing or crying. My favorite source of entertainment is the never ending stories that come out of these missionaries mouths. Girlfriends, dogs, pigs cooking potatoes, being a lab rat... the list goes on. I swear I'm not 12. But I honestly can't get enough.  I've felt your prayers. Danke! Beten für mich Deutsch zu lernen. German has me talking backward and I love it. Feeling major yoda vibes.  The town is very cute and quaint and I love smiling at people as they abort eye contact.  The tone of this email is coming from my favorite British people...they are really into sarcasm. I love them.  Ich habe eine Frage für sie. If you so desire, will you send me a quick note? Reading your emails is my favorite thing to do. Lol legit.  Hit me This place is really special. As I'm speaking with God and trusting in our Savior I can see my life changing. PRAY FRIENDS. God wants to hear from you. Always. I've felt so much peace and love from the man upstairs. He loves us. He knows us perfectly.  Love you!  Sister Smith  ps. I spend more time on personal emails so ... email me. 

My District!

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