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Merry Christmas Leute

Grüezi mitenand! Frohe Weihnachten! I'm happy to be emailing you all again. It has been a hot minute! Lots has happened... as I am sure lots with you has happened! Life just keeps going. It's wonderful, isn't it?

Now I will attempt in giving an update on my life on the condition that each of you will send a little message to me about how you are doing!

This is my last transfer on my mission. I'm coming home on Febuary 4th. Time flies! Although I am excited about home and life, etc. I am extremely sad to think that I will leave these people and this place behind. Switzerland, Germany, and Austria all have my heart. It has become my life and I feel like I'm getting ready to leave my whole life behind. Haha kinda like I felt when I was coming out.

I'm serving in Singen, Germany and Schaffhausen, Switzerland♡ I have met some really funny, beautiful people this last month and a half. There are a lot of miracles I am lucky enough to see. The miracles occur in the lives of the individuals that I meet. It is such evidence to me that God is so aware of each of us in a very individual way.

Today we spent the day at a members home for p day. They have become like family. We made sushi, play games and wiiconnect, watched this video (link down below>>recommended to anyone who wants to feel the Christmas spirit)

and basically made Zion together. They are the best.

In the transfer I had a german companion named Sister Groeneveld! She had the kindest, purest heart of anyone I've ever met. Such an angel.

This transfer, my companion is Sister Martin! She is an absolute babe. She is from Australlian and we have had a pretty adventurous first week together. My british accent is getting a little messed up but by the end I'll have a pretty brilliant Australlian and British mix. Worth it.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas ♡ really love you all and hope you feel the peace and joy that comes through the message the we have a Saviour! He is the light of the world. He is the way. I promise in him we find all peace, power to overcome and joy that endures.

Love love love! Alles Liebe,

Eure Sister Smith

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