• Bailey Smith

Neumarkt Austria!

Hello Friends and Family, 

Where does time go?! In 10 more days I will hit my year mark. Woah. On my mission I've had some of the most content moments but somehow I am always feeling a pull, and a yearning to be better. Serving the Lord has been the most blissful time of life. Und doch schwierig. I now live in a beautiful, dainty little dorf(village) named "Neumarkt" in the near from Salzburg, Austria. The hills are literally alive. I didn't actually think I'd be so lucky to live my best Julie Andrews life. I apologize for the lack of emails on my part, but I hope these pictures will explain a part of why I have not sent out a weekly in weeks. I love you all so so so so much!

In the last week I've thought about my relationship with Heavenly Father. I've come to realize that the closer I've come to Christ the more intensly I feel Heavenly Father's love. Our Father in Heaven is so proud of us and loves us so much. He is proud of our little progress, even through the little mistakes, he sees the eternal perspective. Life is not a circle, it's moving forward. We take steps backward but we can always keep moving towards our goal and never have to find ourselves in a loop. We can change.

We have that option because of Christ. We can fail and experience and still become perfected through him. Christ will continue with us and help us turn our weaknesses into strengths. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ can see our potential. Our worth is inconceivable.

My love and prayers, I love you very much,

Sister Smith

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