• Bailey Smith

Never Ending Glass of Water Sept. 24, 2019

Hi friends and family,

This weeks letter is made up of pictures and commentary by me, her mom, from our conversation on facetime as well as her letter to our family. She made a comment that she really dislikes a mass email and prefers to email each person who has emailed her individually. And because she likes this mode of communication she ran out of time for the mass email and ask me to send a few pictures. So... here is my attempt at sending a letter to the masses from Bailey. Personalized emails are her first priority :) First of all, Switzerland is as beautiful as anything Bailey has ever seen. She called it "Nature interwoven with cities" and talked about seeing cows with bells around their necks and beautiful green hills and trees. She is living in Germany but has been assigned to work in Basel Switzerland. Each day she and her companion take a train into Switzerland. Trains, buses, and trams are all utilized to get where they're going. To quote her letter, "Well im actually living in Germany in a dorf called Wyhlen, but serve in Basel, Switzerland. So im kinda like a secret agent missionary in basel, ususally US citizens can only stay in die Schweiz for 2 transfers but since im living in deutschland i can stay for a long long time. so we will see. I love it here!" As you can tell, Bailey is now speaking in High Engman/Switlish. haha She uses German words at random and doesn't realize that we have no idea what that word meant. It just goes to show that she is learning the language and immersing herself in her world there, which is thrilling and makes us so happy for her! She commented that Swiss German also incorporates words from France and Italy, as they are surrounded by those countries. The people there are multi lingual.

A few quotes from Bailey. "I feel like the mission is going to be a never ending glass of water... there is so much knowledge and i dont know if i'll be able to drink it all."

"As i keep in mind the message that i'm sharing, the message of Christ, i'm filled with confidence and stand tall because i know that my Savior lives."

And when speaking to her about her companion she said,

"We are learning a lot together and trying to savor every moment as we build each other up. I'm grateful i have this opportunity to forget myself and get lost in the work. Sis Hamilton is great!!! As she shares with me the experiences she has had on her mission, i can see how prepared she is to be my trainer and companion. She has such a big heart and she inspires me to just be better."

And the end of her letter:

"I'm grateful for the good times and the struggles! I know that God is using my strengths for this work and at the same time giving me opportunities to learn and grow in my weaknesses. 

I have such a conviction of the love God has for his children. I need my savior and I've been blessed to know him... and now as i get to walk as he walked and experience a small part of what he experienced... the only desire i have is to help someone have what i have and know what i know so that they can know Christ too and return to our Heavenly Father.

Alles guet in Die Schweiz!

Liebe Grüße,

Sister Smith 


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