• Bailey Smith

New Companion! Sister Smith and Sister Smith! 3/17/20

Hello friends and family!!!! I hope you've all been able to find a constant in this crazy whirlwind of madness! I believe that sometimes the Lord calms the storm and sometimes he let's the storm rage and calms the child. I have definitely felt the peace in the midst of this change and these trying times. If we are prepared, we shall not fear. I truly believe that there is not a better time than now, in these humbling circumstances, to come unto Christ and find hope, comfort, and peace in this world, as well as the promise of a better world. Lot's has happened this week for me hahaha too much to write so if you want the details email me! Basically all you need to know is I went from having a companion to not having one to having one who is also named Sister Smith to taking over 3 areas... to taking over 2 areas... to being quarantined and taking over two areas over video call. Hopefully you could keep up with that. Just going with the flow right now.  

Love, Sister Smith

P.S. Read: Holiness and the Plan of Happiness

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