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Our Greatest Adventure- Oct. 15, 2019

Another week full of juicy experiences... crys and laughs, mostly both at the same time.

Favorite experience this week was visiting with the sweetest member couple who had such beautiful truths to share about love and life. It started with walking into their candle light apartment and smelling the epitome of happiness. We basically had a mini tea party complete with a cute tea-set and little cakes while we discussed the joy and blessings that we receive in our lives because of the promises we've made to God. Needless to say we left with full hearts, happy stomachs... or at least my companions stomach

#politelylactoseintolerant... and 4 hands full of chocolate and grapes to snack on. It's good to finally check "visit Santa and Mrs. Clause" off my bucket list. 

I have much love and respect for the people we talk to on the street... even if they don't always feel that same respect towards us. It all usually starts with the statement "Ganz kurze frage..." after that many things can be said. The frequent response is the popular "nein"... beyond that, it can get quite crazy. My favorite example this week was with a member, Veronique, who was not quite used to the weird looks and rejection that is so normal for us now. Determined and bold she approached a women with her bright eyes and attempted to start a conversation. Nothing. Nada. Nichts. Not even a nein. Unaccepting of the rejection she asked..."do you see me? Do you really not see me?" Like i said... bold. To that the lady responded "i don't want to see you!" Mmm hmm, yeah, fire is being thrown... Without causing a scene, of course... Veronique continued, "well, why not?" The lady then motioned to our display of The Book of Mormon and said, "because you're with that thing!" Veronqiue looked at her and innocently asked, "and why is that so bad?" We meet really kind people on the street. Usually the conversations are intriguing... but not that intense... Basically, if you enjoy discussing everything but the kitchen sink with interesting strangers... serve a mission.  I'm an american pretending to be german... My favorite thing to do is have a conversation with someone speaking swiss german. Mmm hmm yeah this is usually how that tends to go... Companion: "hoch deutsch... liebe gottes..." I can understand most. Person: "swiiiissssssdeutsch asdfghjkldhslduetcyxnaka... oder?"  Me: **turns to companion  Maybe some of you want to hear other funny experiences from my week... if you do... my companion has been on her mission for 15 months longer than me and is 5× less lazy. She tends to write a bunch more of our experiences which you can find on her blog.... Overall friends... the work is good. God is good. Life is good. Some of the best advice i got before my mission was "expect the challenge and thrive in the work".. that and "take it slow" shout out to my bro Jordan for that great advice. I gotta keep telling myself to do that... Take. It. Slow. The essence of the gospel is the simplicity of progression and trying to become a little better each day. Slowly, as we come to recognize the goodness and blessing of life, we start to find capacity to live with energy, enthusiasm, and peace.  Liebe Gruße! Bis aufwiederschreiben, Sis Smith 

Always an adventure with these two!

Beautiful Switzerland!

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