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Our Savior knows what is required to ascend--3/31/20

Thank you for the wonderful emails and thought! You wonderful people mean the world to me and i am beyond grateful for your love and thought to email me. I would love to fill you all in on what is going on... but the truth is, i have no idea. I know one thing and that is i am here in Munich, Germany! I am so happy to be here. Spending our days inside our nice little apartment, soaking in any sun that peaks through our little windows. I don't remember if i told you all, but, my companion right now is named Sister Smith. I think it is hilarious! Back as an STL we went on Tausch and introduced oursleves as "Sister Smith...s" Lol! & 4 days before the craziness of Corona started, as Sister Smith and I introduced ourselves to the Germany Zone Koneferz, we joked with President Brown and asked to be put as companions. I know he blames it on circumstance and the craziness of Corona, but I think he just couldn't resist. We are spending our days contacting the beautiful members of Ingolstadt and München and setting up appointments with friends in our phones. We have had a lot of success as we've taught an increasing amount of people over the last couple of weeks. We don't feel limited and we are so grateful that as we give our best, the Lord makes our simple efforts into miracles. 

I wrote this to my President.... I have come to understand that our Savior knows what is required to ascend to the higher spiritual planes of our existence, and it's on the wings of our trials that he pulls us upward. It is difficult to keep enduring through times where we seem to be surrounded by a thick fog, but, as we journey through the challeneges of this world, we come to realize that they are necessary. To find ourselves above the clouds, we must pass through their darkest measure. The beautiful thing is, we can find joy within the journey! Our Savior will guide us through the mists of darkness. We have every reason to look forward with "a perfect brightness of hope"(2 Nephi 31:20).Christ has promised that our, "adversity and (our) afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if (we) endure it well, God shall exalt (us) on high; (we shall) triumph over all (our) foes."(D&C 121:7-8) Because of Christ, we can find stillness amidst the chaos of a changing world and through him we can find joy and overcome darkness.

The work of the Lord is moving forward with even more opportunity and effectiveness than ever before! There are absolutely no limitations. In fact, the possibilities actually seem endless. As we cheerfully give our very best, we allow the Lord to work through us. He makes the miracles happen, even if we are inside our apartment with limited data and bad connections. Sister Smith and I had a phone call that had an especially bad connection. It was testing our patience. We hoped the woman could feel the spirit and wondered if we were doing any good. After the closing prayer the woman took a moment to sincerly thank us and commented on how densly she had felt the spirit. Even through the phone, Christ does his work. If the Lord ever wanted to change the way he spreads the gospel... he just did it. "Productive Missionary work" has been redefined. We will never do missionary work the same again! There are no coincidences!

I'd love to write more but time is running out!

Love you beautiful strong Leute!

Bleib gesund!

Sister Smith

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