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This week was pretty crazy. I'll start with last Monday. We woke up and went straight over to the Malzl familie. They live 5 minutes away. We were helping Larissa Malzl move (: When we got to her apartment and started unloading everything, it turns out that one of our friends of the Church, Andy's sister was the one mov8ng out of this apartment! Andy loves the gospel and he would be baptized but his mom and dad think the Church is a sect and only wants baptisms, so we got to talk with her a little and help them move out. Afterwards, we went to brunch(breakfast but it was then lunch time) and we talked with the Malzl daughters. They are all, but one, inactive and they are so sweet. We've been building up a relationship to Larissa and we want to take her and her two little kids dinner. After that we basically had an afternoon free so we decided to go visit an old Frau in the old folks home. A member told us we should go visit and I'm so glad they did! She is a steadfast lady in the gospel and loves Christ. We sang "näher mein Gott zu dir" and she just loved it and sang along as well as she could. She was so happy we came. There are moments on the mission where you are just filled with love for the people in general. Just all the people and it's an indescribable feeling but they are the best moments by far. After that appointment, I was filled with that love, Christlike love and it is my favorite feeling and my favorite moments hands down. That night around 5.30 we had a dinner appointment with a cute family. We got to know their daughter who doesn't come to church so we've never met. She is awesome. They are an amazing family struggling with how to help their children find a desire to believe. We then called for an English appointment on the way home and ousamma talked about alcohol and we explained what we believe. He believes that God also doesn't want him to drink but that it is hard with his friends and it requires sacrifice. It turned I to the word of wisdom lesson haha! But it was actually a great talk with him.

Tuesday!!! P day!! We went to meet the Haidentaller familie by mondsee. They took us around two lakes and a couple waterfalls and a couple huge lookouts. When we were in Mondsee we are driving and low and behold there is Horst!!! He is a friend of the Church who was addicted to alcohol and drugs and smoking(We are still working on the smoking thing) but he is go8ng to the hospital for his many stomach problems for a few months. But there he was rolling on his wheelchair. We asked the Haidentallers if we could hop out and say hi! We get out run and round the for at and has already 200 yards ahead so we booked it down the street and chased him all the way to his bus stop. We talked to him and said it was awesome that he was at church(last sunday). Just a little tender mercy to see him before he went to the hospital. We went to the sound of music church and saw some holy water and it was pretty cool. We saw some beautiful sights. One thing we did that was pretty cool was we hiked up this 250 step tower 8 stories and look out over all of the land and the see and it was pretty cool. We sang songs together at lunch and played the guitar and we heard about their whole life story and saw the most incredible sights. Good p day.

Wednesday!!! It  was so foggy. Thick fog. We drove to a dentist appointment and you could literally see maybe 2 feet front of your car. Crazy. As We dr9ce more up on a hill we got ore above it and we could see the top of the fog. It was so cool. The dentist liked to speak English and at the end after an X-ray and a new crown on my tooth, the doctor said"it would not be fair for me to make you pay this far away from home" it was so nice. We told him all about our dienst project and yeah it was awesome. Oh! Also a week ago we had gone to the Chinese place in Neumarkt. The aka Neumarkt is SO small there is only one of everything. But yes, we are now friends with this owner, Johanna, because we have ordered 2 huge orders for 2 zone Konferenz and went once with the Salzburg sisters. We went and made a collage of all the photos with their food and wrote a note and gave it to them. They were so happy! And gave us free dinner haha. So anyways after the dentist, we had distriktsrat and we made this video that I sent to dad just something funny. I gave a thought on obedience. If we knew what type of blessings were in store for us, we would understand that obedience is a HUGE blessing and we wouldn't think twice about not keeping a commandment and we would try a little bit harder to be a little bit more diligent. After that we were late and I missed saying goodbye to sister Belleza. I was so sad. But we picked up sister Anderl and had a dritt for a day! (Trio) we went to Andy's and talked about prayer and his cousin was there. It was awesome. He plays the Clarenett and it is SO beautiful hahah it is actually painful to hear the sounds but really cute to watch him have so much fun trying. We had a dinner appointment with the Brunner family. We have a spiritual thought for the kids and played a game of guess where the chocolate is under which cup. And related it to distractions and prayer and the Holy Ghost. They were so riled up after that and they were the craziest kids ever hahaha. It was so funny I couldn't stop laughing. For a moment I was rethinking if I wanted a girl because the little girl was a pretty princess crazy person. Has probably like me as I was younger. But nah i still want my little angle girls it's ok. Then we went to Salzburg to sleep because..... We had an early train the next morning.

Donnerstag!!!  Fun fact that means thunder day in german. We are running over to the bahnhof at 7.30 am trying to catch Sister Anderl's train to Innsbruck to meet her new comp, Sister SOLE! As we were running we totally realized we forgot our masks and the S. Anderl had followed an amazing prompting to grab 3 masks at the Church a few days earlier. Blessings. Incredible. We hopped on a train across from hers and said goodbye as we headed off to Munich! Got my medicine, tried to say hi to my friend Mirjam, who will be visiting us in the USA btw, but she wasn't there so we have a note to Isabella and talked with her. Then we met the Munich 2 sisters and said hi to them! They are so awesome and had time for lunch so we went to a place called la burrita!  Delicious salads. We got our train again back to where we came from a d it was only 2 o'clock in the afternoon! What a day! Lol. We came back and bought sister some some Swiss chocolate to welcome her with a little piece from home and a lot of love from Salzburg! And her train arrived when ours did! So we helped them take her luggage back and gave said hi. As we were leaving that's asked if we wanted to stay for dinner, right as they said that our dinner appointment cancelled! So yeah we stayed for dinner and filmed a video for Facebook. What a life haha. We went back and called Lena who is a friend of Facebook. We teach her English and she has a huge test next week so pray for her!!!!!! She is pretty much my best friend so cute. And mom is sending her a book called believing Christ which I recommend to anyone and everyone.

Sonntag! This was a cool day. We decided to try something a little different. There is a flee market and we decided to bring our little desk and set up am Austellung!!!!! We had books of Mormon and just sat there like Jehovah's witnesses haha... but we have out two books of Mormon and some people started talking to us. It was pretty cool. I gave a talk on Sunday at church. Our members are so cool. They are insanely proactive with missionary work! They come up to us and ask if we've contacted "blank" in a while. Really awesome Mitglieder.

A guy named Amirali I've been teaching English to since May. I've got him in contactvwoth the missionaries nearest to him but now I got him in contact also with the Salzburg Elders because they speak Persian. His mother language!!!!! So yeah he loves the Persian elders. They've learned Persian so well he is SO impressed and says it's incredible. He keeps saying that it is our gifts in Lear ing language but we keep telling him that every missionary must have a nick for learning languages then haha! But he also believes it must be God's power.

So there are a lot of individual people who I am trying to help but also it's very hard to not have people everywhere to lose yourself in their service. What is hard is accepting the fact that Christ needs me to serve in the position I'm serving in. I want to be in an area that I can do lots of work in but he needs me here. He needs me to realize my effect is far more reach8ng with my companion than any e else. Especially right now.

Wow I fell behind but basically I'm now on mittwoch the 16th of September. We had distriktsrat and that was fun! Hmmm yeah our pday is moved to Saturday so yesterday we just contacted people and tried to do as much missionary work as we could. Today we had an amazing appointment with a guy in Africa who wants to share the study with us with his friends and make it bigger haha so that's cool. We had a talk with Zechariah yesterday and he asked about the Church and we taught the 1st lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It had been so long since I taught that lesson and it was so awesome. He is also way prepared to accept the gospel. So I'm expecting he'll be baptized in a matter of months. He is awesome and told us he will read the book of Mormon because he wants to discover if it's true or not. We also called this Swedish Frau and asked to come over and she said yes in the first time in forever!!!!!!! No missionaries have met with her I don't think since she's moved to Neumarkt.

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I'm way motivated and other times it is such a struggle to be a missionary right now.

On Wednesday we visited a woman named Sandra and her daughter Lea. They are so So cute. Basically Sandra told us a story about how she was behind the scenes with Tom Cruise in his movie "night and day"

She had two dreams that she met him and then she heard on the radio that they were doing casting. She tried out but never got called back but then she was walking around in Salzburg on the day that they were filming and ran into the casting director (She was wearing full makeup and the outfit just in case and good thing she did). The castung director was like, yeah why not join. We need an extra person. So she went to the set and they told them to just wait there until they were needed but Sandra wanted to look around. Sneaky. She watched him jump off the roof and she had a conversation with the stunt double as she was waiting for her call. They were there all night and she went to explore when she wasn't supposed to and ran into Tom cruise (as she was halfway about to eat something) and he said" hi how are you?" And she was like..... hmmm hi. But yeah anyways she by the end they all aired there and then they weren't needed ahaaha.

I mean, wow, sometimes you drive by fields of grass and wheat and flowers. So you'll get a sunflower row and then a yellow flower and a pink flower row. And white and yellow little flowers. It's just gorgeous and there are also corn rows. Even on the absolute worst days when you are feeling like there is nothing going your way, there are still flowers and mom rains and the beautiful landscape around you. Literally everywhere. 

Thursday this week was awesome. A couple who lives in our ward invited us over. They were mission President and Sister Roth in Bulgaria!!!!! They have the best stories and honestly you guys would love serving a mission. Anyone who can...should. haha! But they look back so fondly and they really wanted to help us speak German but they kept switching back into English haha they miss it so much. Sister Roth taught us how to make Knödel (very classic meal IN Austria.) It was awesome to learn now I can make it for y'all when I get back.

Friday was great too! We did a lot of English lessons. Studies. Facebook. The normal stuff as a missionary now. We also have a sport night with a friend of the Church every Friday night. It is SO much fun. We play ping pong usually but we've been playing soccer the last couple of times. This was a day of hard things. But when we played ping pong, God helps me help others and every time I help others I help my testimony and me. We taught Andy and Harry and had an amazing discussion about Christ and the light of Christ. It was awesome. And THEN Andy asked a cute pure question. "God can feel my heart right? He know what I feel right?" He is special needs because he got into a car accident and can't function normal or his brain. Harry wanted to know if we were perfect or if we made mistakes. We had an awesome discussion about how if we're perfect we wouldn't need Christ Matthew 9.. and then he likes to ask deep doctrine questions and as sister Stettler is talking with him, I look over and see Andy praying so sincerely. It was so precious and we read Enos and at the end I kneeled down to say the pray because I put my chair away and Andy said wir kneel right? & I was like whatever you'd like. Because it is hard for him to kneel. And he said " just like Enos, I kneel down before my creator.)" It was the cutest thing. After, the Salzburg sisters came over because I've been having a hard time and Sister Stettler and we just needed their light.

Saturday! And light they did give!!! It was absolutely a really good night with the Salzburg sistuhs. We then drove to build this house and accidently went into Czechoslovakia. Haha. Whoops. And then we went and helped with the house Wow boy do they need help. It is one big project. And then I got talking to the Frau and she wanted a book of Mormon, so we all signed it and she says she wants to read it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!(::::::::::::::::

SO HAYAYYAKFIABROWB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:::: THEN we went to the lamas and the kangaroos. So cute. THEN we saw cows and pigs that were seriously the things that inspired horror movies.... video to come. and this cool machine that milks the cows automatic. And then we had both lunch and dinner with them and at the end of the working day(haha or "p day") we went to play ... ... PAINTBALLLLLL!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE NEVER PLAYED THIS BEFORE. OH GUACAMOLE. LEGIT THE BEST EVER. Also yeah by the end of the rounds.... I won. By the end my strategies were so spot on. In my point of view. I also have some nice welts. We will have to play when I get back. All for free too. They have their own course. So dope.

I am praying for you both to be better. Covid sucks. I'm really excited to see you again.

Exciting announcement... I can go street finding again!!!!!!! W many regulations but wowowowow! So pumped.

Xoxox all my love!

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