• Bailey Smith

Post General Conference

Hi friends and family! Thank you SO much for the emails and love that you have been sending my way. Wow. Today was crazier than you might think a quarantined p day would be... haha! But i promise i will respond to all your wonderful, heart-felt emails. Thank you! 

Another week of work! Preparing for Conference and particpating in it was such a different tone. I felt prepared in a way to continue what we've started. "We didn't come this far just to come this far". I felt it quiet literally. I felt as though i'd just like to be better and become more. Conference affirmed the desires I have to sacrifice and selflessly give and serve my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I've felt such love from you all and support from other missionaries in my mission! As we send out weekly emails, the missionaries i've served with send me voice recording back and forth. I have been extremely grateful for those who have given me the hope and strength I needed. 

I love the thought that we were not meant to do this alone. We were sent here together to lift each other up and progress... TOGETHER.  I felt this unity from Conference and I truly JOY in the knowledge that we can help one another in our journey's back to our loving parents in heaven! 

Thank you all for being in my life and influencing my journey. 

All my LOVE! 

What were some of your favorite parts if General Conference? 


Sister Smith 

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