• Bailey Smith

Schönheit in Österreich

Hallo! Ich muss ehrlich sein. Es geht mir jetzt ein bisschen schwer. Ich versuche jeden Tag, mich in den Dienst anderer zu stellen. Korona ist schwierig und eine Barriere, aber ich weiß, dass Gott uns Hoffnung und Licht gibt, wenn wir auf ihm schauen. Er kennt die Antworten und durch ihn können wir eine erweiterte Perspektive sehen. Ich lerne langsam, dass wenn wir unser Vertrauen auf Gott setzen und uns nur ein bisschen mehr anstrengen, er wirklich da ist und er uns wirklich kennt und hört. Unter gibt es Bilder von der Schönheit in Österreich. Ich weiß, dass ich, selbst wenn ich einen schlechten Tag habe, einfach die Schönheit ringsum betrachten und Gottes Liebe für mich spüren kann. Ich hab euch tolle lieb! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Hi friends! There are lots of experiences to share! (If you have access to Google translate, maybe you can read this up above, I just don't have time to do it again auf Englisch.) As I was looking at the pictures i wannted to send to you all, I'm sitting here by this lake and think to take picture for you all of the beauty right there! As I took the picture I realized how little it resembles the real beauty. I started to think about how the gospel is the exact same. We try to show and share the beauty and love of Christ and his gospel, but we just don't measure up. We need to experience it ourselves. We need to be there. Front row. Eyes open. Alert and ready to receive what God's just waiting to give us. We need to believe that there is hope, beauty and love in life and in the gospel. Otherwise our eyes will always see the ground and the darkness. Maybe we don't know the difference because our eyes have always been closed to the light. Or maybe we've seen the light before and we just don't believe we will or can or are even worthy to see it again. Well, I can tell you one thing, the light is Jesus Christ, and every single person is worthy, deserves, and can have hope to feel of His love. It just needs a little effort on our part. Sometimes that means willingness, sometimes it means trusting in and waiting on the Lord, sometimes it means we have to see the good and take in the light. It's not only possible, but it will happen, one day, when we all experience this light, his light, and when we can finally understand the incomprehensible, unconditional love our Savior has for each of us. For me, I'm learning how to see and accept this love. I'm learning how I can trust that his love is stronger than my problems, weaknesses, or anything else. It is when we start to understand and accept his love that our eyes are truly open to the light and then we can have true, lasting peace and joy. (Notice I said "when we start..." the beauty of Christ and his power, is that all we have to do is have the desire and the smallest action behind that desire in order to receive his strength, help, love, light, forgiveness, peace and joy.)

You beautiful people, and I mean every single one of you, have been a light in my life. You've shared with me his light and through you I've felt his love. And for that I'm forever thankful!!!!

Enjoy the pictures (:

much love,

Sister Bailey Smith

Lommelstraße 7

81479 München


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