• Bailey Smith

Schönheit October 8, 2019

Everything is sehr schön. The earth... the people... general conference.... let's talk about general conference. Pretty fantastic. Pretty inspiring. Pretty dope. Even though i watched half of it in german... what i understood and what i felt was incredible. God can speak to us without words. God speaks love to our souls. Everyone craves love and everyone yearns to feel the eternal, unconditional, fully satisfying, all encompassing love that our heavenly parents have for each of us. As we come unto our savior, Jesus Christ, we find that love. We feel the complete comfort and understanding that is brought through his atonement. If you've felt this love and can't feel it now... you can feel it again. If you've never felt the love that is described as "perfect love and lasting happiness" or if you feel there is more to life in general... come and see. Come and understand why i came on a mission. Come and see how much more there is. God is waiting for us to humble ourselves and come to him in prayer, with a willingness to act and change and become our greatest selves. 

Life is full of hills and valleys... what continues to amaze me is the hope that comes in times of valleys when i turn to Christ and allow him to change me. Christ helps maximize the effect of the trial as we choose to have faith, trust, and submit our will to God. This brings calmness and assurance in the midst of confusing and chaotic voices that surround us. 

I'm extremely grateful that i get to learn more about Christ, deepen my love and understanding for people, and strengthen my spirit as i prepare for the rest of my life. I must say that i think back on life often and I'm honestly the most grateful for the people that have been put in my life... all of you!! I reminisce on the relationships i've made with each of you and it brings me a lot of smiles. I love you very much!!!! 

Thanks for dealing with these weekly emails haha! I know how busy life is but if you ever have a quick moment, i'd love to hear from you or even better (pictures) see a friendly face. (; 

Liebe Grüße,

Sis Smith

P-day excursion to Niederhorn Aussichtsplattform!

Love being a representative of Christ!

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