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She'll be coming around the mountain!

Grüß euch!

I'm checking in after a couple of months haha!


We were under our way to Salzburg! As we got to the Bahnhof, there was a Baustelle (which makes everything crazy... trains running late all the time, some are even cancelled, and things are always changing.) The staircase leading up to the platform was blocked off and we saw our train waiting at the Gleis. We ran for it, found the platform and luckily, the train door still opened for us. So we hopped on in the nick of time, and the train pulls off... in the wrong direction. We had jumped onto the wrong train. So we get off at the next stop, a dorf in the middle of nowhere called Steindorf. We decided to pray for Heavenly Father's help, because the next train wouldn't be coming for another hour and we were just stranded in the rain. One phone call later and we had an amazing member on her way to pick us up. I love our members! She was willing to take the time and drive us back to Neumarkt, Bahnhof. Christ is really serious when he says we just need a willing heart.... because... as we were awaiting her arrival, we heard a train screeching to a stop behind us. No train was supposed to stop there for another hour. It was a Railjet, which made it even more incredible that it was stopping in a dorf. (Railjets only stop in major cities... like Salzburg) We ran over, pressed the button for the door to open, clamoured on and asked a confused passenger if this train was going through Salzburg, and to our suprise, and hers haha, she replied that it in fact did. Salzburg would be the next stop. The Baustelle in Neumarkt had made the trains late and the Railjet couldn't get through and had to stop in a little dorf, yes the exact dorf Sister Stettler and I were at. Heaven sent us a little personal railjet and we ended up in Salzburg 5 minutes later than we planned. Heavenly Father gifted his two sister missionaries and answer ti our prayers. Pretty cool.


We got invited by a member to go sing to seniors in an old folks home! They just loved it so much! I got to practice some of mt guitar skills that i've been learning and we basically just spent an hour singing, and yodeling in dialect haha. Yodeling was my favorite part. The senior residents were so happy to see people again(: I was so happy afterwards, there is joy in service.


We have been trying to participate in Gemeinderat, but our ward hasn't had them seit corona. One night, at a member dinner, the dad wanted to share a video with us that had connected to our spiritual thought. As the video played, we saw a text come through about Geminderat being that evening. We jumped at the opportunity and asked if we could join. Summed up all together, we went and these members are INCREDIBLE. They are truly trying so much to love others and help Christ and share his love.

I might be tempted to say I've had one of the happiest weeks of my mission this last week... but reallt every week is so anders happy. Most importantly, I believe so much that once we start recieving blessings, it's so easy to be content and forget why we recieved this joy in the first place. Instead, I continue to try and turn to the Lord, trust in his incredible promises, thank him for these blessings and ask for more direction. The journey isn't over, there is something even better waiting for us.

We spent our Vorbereitungs tag with a couple from from Utah, but originally from Germany and Wels. They are really seeet and have story after story to tell. They were seriously our personal tour guides and had planned a route to show us all of their favorite places in Upper Austria.

Please send me your address! I'd love to send you a postcard or something!

Pfiat enk!

Sister Smith

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