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The MTC wahr ist Aug 6,2019

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Bailey Smith

10:19 AM Hi everyone!!!!! i'm safe and i'm learning german. Crazy this past four weeks have gone by super fast! oh wait it was only six days? alright then it was pretty slow haha! that being said though, i've already learned loads and loads and i hope that the things that i've just started to learn will sink in deeper and settle.  it's been really hard honestly. we freaking got here and started to learn german ASAP. i felt SUPER overwhelmed and inadequate. but as i prayed a bunch i have started to really rely on my savior and realize that he will make me strong through my weaknesses. 2 cor. 12:9-10 i know that God called me to teach the people in the alpine german speaking mission and i know that he will help me teach them as i rely on him. he trusts me so i gotta trust him. ether 12:27 I wanted to be straight up. this week has not been a piece of cake. it's been insanely hard. insane. but i know and am starting feel and learn that as we trust the savior he will multiply our efforts and increase our capacities.  the lord takes raw materials, shapes them, and refines them. 

ok well sorry about this but i thought i had until 6 o'clock to write but i only have 10 minutes so i can't tell you the details.  IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! email me please this week!

i just can't respond until next p day.  i love you all so so so so so so sos sososososososo much email me. love love love,

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