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Well beautiful Nhi, Mom, Dad, Benny, Jor, Cal, &anyone else who reads this! Imma just spill about the last two days I had. It's been a big two days. Wow. So much has happened and I'm so grateful. I'm learning to experience the joy of the Atonement everyday of my life and to really be grateful for my weaknesses that draw me closer to Christ. Sonntag was amazing. I basically prepared for sacrament meeting by reading this amazing talk.

Blessings of the Sacrament

And then I only got through the first paragraphs and got lost in the scriptures until 5 minutes before we had to go at 9. The sacrament was very special to say the least. Preparing for it really does make a difference.

After church we went with the Albrecht, Heidentaller, Hellen Kellner-steinmetz,  and Akkenson familie to.... *drum rooooollllll.... THE SOUND OF MUSIC MEADOW! We had a picnic and sang songs from the sound of music and played with little kids and yeah it was very cool.

Afterwards, we came back and did our studies and then drove to Salzburg for tausch with the sisters! That was also very nice. We got lucky enough to spend sometimes with them...


... on Monday morning! We basically studied together and did the first part of our day and lunch together. We had the best 4 way comp study together. It was amazing. Best conversations come from comp studies. Then we had to go to this amazing Swedish woman's home!!!!!! Her name is Cissie. (She left Sweden around 90) she was a cool experience and gave us two people to contact. One about her ratings that she wore. The lady makes them handmade and we want to get some and say hi to her (; and two a lady who needs help with her garden who we never would have known about!!!! She needs help desperately and well hey! She said the sisters could do it! Yeah!

After her we drove to Andy! He is an awesome investigator who loves God so much. We read in the Book of Mormon and talked about how he hears the voice of Christ. So important with conference coming in two weeks. Pray that his mom, Katty, will have a softened heart, not for his sake but for her own. He can't get baptized because he is unable to choose for himself, but I just want her to accept truth too and she likes us now so yeah! She's made us yummy bread stuff and Andy brings it to our sport night. So cute.

We had to call some Facebook people as we drove to Sandra, Lea and Nadine! Cutest family and the mom is SO amazing. So amazing. She is also now the seminary teacher yeah!!!!!!!! She is seriously sooooo amazing.

Then after we had dinner with them, we made our way back and called our friend if the Church Horst! He is amazing and has been able to turn his life around with the Gospel and Christ. He was in prison for years and addicted to just about everything. And now as he was on patrol, found the Church nd has been alcohol free and happy for 18 months. He is SO happy and we read in the Book of Mormon with him. He has to get a bunch of stomach surgeries also yeah. But we love him so much and we call him to read in the Book of Mormon on Thursday again. Pray for him that he'll also find strength to stop smoking and be healthy.

Today we are going to try and get permission to do Zone p day. President Naatjes encourages us to get together as missionaries but corona makes that hard. Tomorrow we have zone Konferenz.  We are about to talk about all the rules. It's gonna be great.

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I love the Restoration of the gospel and I love you beautiful people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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