• Bailey Smith

TOUCHDOWN! July 31, 2019

Hi!!! I've arrived at the Chorely MTC (it's called Preston but in Chorely). I got my name tag... so official. love it. so tired. you'll wake up to this (it's 3 am your time & 10 am my time). 

So i'm pretty nervous to learn German and everything. Its crazy. But it'll be great. 

anyways... it's been good so far. i'm so excited. You can feel the spirit of this place already. And its beautiful......soooooo beautiful here. Well i'm starving hahaha! my companion is sister Nielson! She is sofia's friend!! Crazy that we are comps...

The plane ride was so cool. favorite part... they kept calling trash, rubbish... and they gave out landing sweets. "would anyone like a landing sweet?" i love England. So lucky and happy that i'm able to come here to the mtc. 

i can call all my family on p day so will you send me everyone's #??? 

my p day is tuesday so awesome. 

I'm sooooooooooooooooo tired. so imma go take a nap. LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sister smith

(also apparently schwester is like a nun that's why we are just sister). 

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