• Bailey Smith

"Willkommen zu Österreich" (Czechoslavakia)

Beautiful People!!! Take a moment to recognize that you are enough. You are loved. You are beautiful. I love you and God loves you wow so much. 

This week. Alright. 

We were traveling to a service project on a p day and drove about 15 minutes too far, took a wrong turn and found ourselves in these beautiful fields with no end. Sister Stettler and I had the feeling to turn around. As we drove back, we ran into a sign that said, "Willkommen zu Österreich" Wellcome back to Austria? Heeeeh? We had found ourselves in Czechoslovakia! 

After our adventure in Czech, we made our way to this sweet families home... or construction site.  We worked hard all day and had a reaply great reward by the end.... und zwar... Paintballing. These people have a huge paintball arena by their corn fields. It was pretty incredible. 

I saw the most tender moment with our friend *Marvin the other day as we talked about prayer. He has special needs and the biggest heart in the world!!!!! He asked about prayer and if Heavenly Father can understand his heart. We told him, absolutely, yes and some scriptures. We also have an awesome friend who teaches with us and he loves to ask very deep questions haha! So this time as he asked sister Stettler his question, I looked over and saw Marvin bow his head and say a little prayer in his heart. It was so sweet. I know that prayers are very powerful. God speaks to us and he loves us so much. He wants to hear from us and he wants to answer. I think this week I'll be focusing in how I hear him and how I can speak to him with more sincerity.

A few p days back we took a trip around the lakes nearest to us. A family in our ward took us. As We visited the cathedral in the sound of music (Mond See), weeeeeee looked out the window and what did we see??? A friend of the Church, rolling anxiously!!! *Hanns! He was on his wheel chair, rolling his way to the hospital for a surgery. We jumped out of the car and chased him down one street and down another street until we finally caught up and got to talk to him and wish him luck. It meant a lot to me that God placed him in our path. 

Thinking wayyy back to almost a year ago. I met this adorable girl on the street. She had shoes that said, "I♡Jesus." I asked her about who Jesus is to her. Since I probably won't be seeing you all on the streets here in Austria(stay tuned for exciting announcement at the end) I want to ask you the same question. Who is Jesus Christ to you? 

To me Jesus Christ is the one who makes this statement possible:

"You are the result of your repeated desires." 

If you desire good, you will be rewarded good. He is my advocate. He loves me. He is my best friend. 

Love you so much! 

I miss you all unbelieveably viel  

Sister Smith 

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