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you told the lady she's crazy... Oct. 22, 2019

Hi Friends and family, 

I went to Bern, Switzerland this last week for exchanges! i swapped with the Zollikofin sisters! Sister Adam's is so dope. Our souls connected... she is my soul animal. Great moments. 

My favorite, most horrible, deutsch conversation of the week:

Me: "What makes you happy in life?" 

Woman: "Health. Health makes me happy. I like being healthy. I'm very lucky because my legs are very strong and healthy..."

Me: "Das stimmt! Das stimmt! (meaning yes! totally! 100% agreed!) It's so important to be healthy." 

After the conversation had ended (quiet abruptly i might add) Sistet Adam's turned to me giggling and asked, "do you know what just happened?" Completely unaware i shook my head... apparently i had only heard half of what the woman had said. 

Woman: "I'm very lucky because my legs are very strong and healthy... my head though... not so much." 


for the rest of the day sister adams would randomly say my favorite phrase and we would burst out laughing..."you told the lady she's crazy!" 

aaahhhh good times. 

Being on time for appointments is a struggle. We were running to an appointment today that was in Frick, Switzerland. My companion turned to me as we got off the tram and says "we gotta run! It leaves in four minutes..." We started running towards the bahnhof as i asked "...and it's going towards Frick, right?" She nods and i respond, breathlessly, "that's fitting." I'm pretty happy that running from appointment to appointment was our struggle today. I wish that were always the case! 

Today has been a pretty wonderful day. Reetu is a woman the missionaries were teaching once every six months and we got in contact with her again a couple weeks ago. We told her that we'd like to meet more often, weekly if possible. After not responding for two weeks, she texted us today and asked to meet! Since it was p day we had a pretty open schedule and said we could meet her in basel before we went to visit the member family in Frick. During the lesson we showed her a video that shows a bunch of people answering the question, "if you had one day to live... what would you do?" After the video she turned to us and asked what we would do. My answer suprised me a little haha! I said that i would be doing exactly what i'm doing right now. Continuing to help others draw near to God while I draw near to him myself. I love mission life y'all. I love being changed through Christ. It's hard and bitter sometimes but that makes the good times so much more sweet. It's a beautiful, fullfilling life when we turn to God. I have started to see good days. It's easy to get discouraged or sad or lonely. But we see what we look for. It's a lot more fun when we see good days. 

I hope you all can see a good (or why stop there?) see an amazing, wonderful, joy-filled week! 

Liebe Gruße

Sis Smith 


Sister Smith and Sister Adams on splits

Sister Hamilton with her awesome yellow boots and polka dot umbrella!

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