• Bailey Smith

zwanzig jahre -- Nov. 4th 2019

Ich bin hier. Ich lebe. Ich liebe das Leben.

I'm here. I'm alive. I love life. 

I honestly don't know what to say this week. I'm just pretty darn grateful to be living and learning. Everyday is another chance to build faith and character. Everyday is an opportunity. Lots happened this week... another month in missionary life. I'm trying to savor every moment because i feel like it's gonna pass real quick... it already has this far... and i looovee mission life. 

Honestly the only thing i have this week is my gratitude to be here. My gratitude to be living and learning and growing. And my hope i have because of my Savior and the ability to recieve direct guidance from God. That is my everything. 

Thank you friends for the birthday love! Wow. Y'all make me so happy. I'm sending you so much hugs from Switerland!!!! 

Sis Smith

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